Privacy Policy

Effective: 7 February 2017

An updated copy of this document can be found at


This document outlines what happens to, who has control over, and how we handle your data. Your privacy is our top priority and we are committed to being as transparent as possible with how these things are managed.

Our approach to security is to transmit and store only the minimum amount of data necessary. Because what isn't transmitted can never be intercepted, and what isn't stored can never be stolen.

More details from a technical perspective can also be found in our whitepaper.

What Rumuki stores

Below are some of the things that Rumuki either transmits or stores on our servers:

Things that we do not store

Below are notable pieces of information that Rumuki does not store. We take care not to keep anything on our servers that can personally identify our users.

Looking ahead

Rumuki is a new product, and we understand that just like any relationship, it takes time to build trust.

Looking forward, Rumuki will be open-sourcing the majority of the components used to build it.